04 August 2011


Meeting with Wentworth Miller in Belgium 07-21-2011 (by our Member JessiWent)

"First of all I'd like to tell you that on Friday, July 15th it didn't rain. There have been rumors that Wentworth didn't show up and got out of the car because of the rain. I think he was tired and exhausted from his Shooting, so that we didn't get to see him. (I was in Belgium on that day also).
  But this experience encouraged me to get back to Belgium again, because from the day I saw Wentworth for the first time on TV my aim was to face this man one day. So on Thursday July 21st a friend of mine and I drove to Vilvoorde. After about 2 hours we arrived at the Videohouse at 2.40 p.m.Because we were standing there alone we didn't know if it was a good or bad sign. After a few minutes two girls came along, asking if we knew that today would be a bank holiday and if we would wait for Wentworth Miller. We confirmed and started a conversation. After 10 minutes two further girls came along. They seemed to be from France or Belgium. We all waited and didn't even know if Went would actually come out. When a car left the production area I ran to the car and asked for Wentworth to know if he would be on set that day. The driver said yes and there it was – our ray of hope!After a few more minutes a very nice guy came from the studio and confirmed that Wentworth was there. He told us that Wentworth was in a good temper during lunch and that he is quite confident he will get out of the car. After some time a nice belgian couple came by and the woman told us, she had been here on Tuesday but Went didn't get out of the car because of the heavy rain. While we were waiting a pedestrian came along, asking why we were standing there. The belgian woman explained to him that the movie "Loft" is made here and that we were waiting for some of the actors. 
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Then suddenly a car drove from the production area and we all knew it was one of the actors. The window was taken down and Eric Stonestreet asked "Are you waiting for Wentworth Miller? We said yes, but nevertheless he got out of the car, did some photos with us. He was really very nice.Some time later another fancy car got from the area. The passenger was sitting on the left side so we couldn't recognize him but Chatti thought it must have been James Marsden, who was wearing sunglasses. But she wasn't so sure. We all hoped it wasn't Wentworth, because they told us Went would be the last person leaving the Set that day, about 6:00 p.m."
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thnx to Wente and Excomm

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