03 March 2012

Wentworth Miller-real twitter account

Have you ever asked yourselves who it might be Wentworth's real public twitter account? Well here's your answer. This is the only real WM account ever existed. Too bad it's likely unused by the actor since the only reason he created this was to remind the fans that he  is not in twitter nor in myspace or even Facebook. Take a look right here and don't forget to read the below fan-letter he posted online! Oh and follow him.


  1. Hi
    I like very very much Prison Break and because of that I wish you to watch this vedio
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    with my best wishes

  2. Hey I'm a berry big fan of prison break and I love how u and the cast act congruadtulations and I wish u the best .and I also like how funny it is when all

  3. He thinks about is his girl.bye wish u the best

  4. Plz don't discard this massage bye

  5. Hi I love ur movie and I love u
    I would love to meet u because u r an amazing Actor
    I'm a huge fan