14 April 2012

Wentworth Miller-A skillful writer comes with a new project

Do we all remember Stoker, the upcoming movie starring Nicole Kidman and Matthew Goode, written by Wentworth Miller? News have revealed that Mr.Wentworth, the talented actor has also become a talented writer. The actor/writer has a new screenplay completed and ready to become a movie. Sources indicate :

"Prison Break"'s Wentworth Miller is carving out quite the niche for himself as a writer as word has come that another one of his scripts will soon become a feature film. Dare you step into The Disappointments Room?
According to Deadline Voltage Pictures is joining New York-based Killer Films on The Disappointments Room, an original screenplay by Wentworth Miller (pictured). Nicolas Chartier and Zev Foreman of Voltage will team with Killer’s Pamela Koffler and Christine Vachon to produce.
The Disappointments Room is a dramatic thriller about a woman who moves into a mysterious old house in the country with her husband and young son, only to discover their new home comes with a dark past. The project is currently out to directors.
Look for more on this one as it comes.

So as, The Disappointments Room is already announced, it is now clear that the reason why our favorite actor has not been in public for more than just a couple of months is that he was busy all this time creating another  lovely sreenplay to be turned into a movie. You all fans out there dont be disappointed due to the fact that Wentworth is still up to something. Get ready , be patient and wait for the best.



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